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Blending is a fine art not only to create a unique Champagne but also to bring to life richer flavors. Mallot Champagne contains an unique blend of not only grape varieties but also traditional winemaking techniques top secret of long-standing winemaker families in France.

By the late 19th century, the Olivier family had established Mallot vineyards in Montage de Reims after bought from an Irish-born owner. Until the end of the 20th century, based on inheritance from vineyards of Genagricola family, Mallot vineyards in Valee de la Marne were formed by two free spirits who shared a passion for Champagne. Since 2003, 180 acres Mallot vineyards have been managed according to organic standards, fully meets the most stringent European standards in winemaking as well as the requirements of environmental sustainability organizations.

Inherited the traditional winemaking techniques passed generation to generation, Mallot Champagne mesmerizes the world with richly expressive taste and intense aromas.

Even today, Mallot Champagne still apply many production traditional methods, such as: hand-harvesting, clarifying wine by adding egg whites, bentonite, etc.

The Mallot winemaking process is the harmony between the most advanced technology and the ethics of respect for nature. Thanks to the conservation and preservation of the Olivier family, Mallot Champagne has had a special place in the hearts of most wine lovers for many years.

In France, Mallot Champagne has been honored with many prestigious awards by Comité de Champagne. The wine is also named by the famous European Publisher Hachette among the top 10 French best-selling and most-admired wine brands in the book Le Guide Hachette Des Vins 2019.

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The Mallot Champagne style is made from many factors:

  • Family spirit: A passion for making wine in the Olivier family derives for many decades. Though taking a pride in traditions, the next generation of Olivier family has not only inherited the secret techniques of their parents and grandparents, but also applied modern approaches with respect nature for sustainable development.
  • Unique blend: The Chardonnay-based Mallot Brut and the Merlot-based Mallot Rose are unique blends of secret ingredients, delicate flavors, silky textures and subtle aromas.
  • Premium oak barrels: Mallot is one of the few Champagne-making houses to use only barrels from the Argonne forest near Champagne. According to the family’s wine-making experience, the unique mesh of the oak trees from Argonne forest has produced barrels flattering to the delicacy of great Mallot of Champagne.
  • Natural color: Maintaining the wine’s appealing natural color is something that not every winemaking family in Champagne can make. Mallot has pure natural colors from the color of the grape skins. Blending of different grape varieties give us the wines with particularly seductive colors.
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